The MD-100 is the third addition to our renowned MD series of products. Our custom made 4-stage RF front end is sure to extract the most intricate signals from amongst the milieu of FM congestion that abounds in today's urban markets.

Additional support is given through our custom Auto Blend RF circuit, which constantly monitors and varies your stereo separation insuring optimal "stereo quieting" during your listening sessions.

Features & Benifits...
The Microgroove Plus
Tom Evans minsta RIAA-steg med extern strömenhet, som ger enormt mycke...
SNS Plug
Shunt filter
Serial filtering
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SR Plug
Schumann Resonance Plug
Greater involvement in sound & vision

Truly new visions and pro...
Stillpoints URS with Risers and Inverse Risers
Universal Resonance Dampers with Risers and Inverse Risers, set of 3
Stillpoints dämpfot med Risers/Inverse Risers set om 3 st.

Pris: 5.695,00 kr
Stereovox Studio
XV2: digitalkabel. Pris 1 695 kr 1 meter och 700 ...
HI Power Cord 1,5 meter
Grövre strömkabel
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World Source Platform
"Undeniably the world's best FM Tuner"
Quadrature Z
Amplifier of the Year in HIFI+!
Detta är utan tvekan ett av de bästa rör OTL slutstegen i världen !!
200 watt i 8 Ohm OTL monoblock
Exquisite Sub
Med SDSS fötter och internt slutsteg med "2 hästkrafters" effekt.