DAC Uppggradering
Magnum Dynalab har skapat möjligheten för dig med en MD tuner att nu få den utrustad med en mycket högkvalitativ DAC del.

Transform your Tuner with a DAC Module Upgrade

It is now possible to upgrade all Magnum Dynalab tuners with our pioneering Digital-to-Analog Conversion module (or include as an option on new tuners), turning your FM tuner into a multi-functional audio device. Currently accommodating a co-axial S/P...
LP2 Deluxe
Model LP2 is the first in the line of LAMM phono preamplifiers. ...
Natalie Merchant / Tigerlilly
On Tigerlily, Natalie Merchant's warm, mellow voice, and mesmerizing y...
Enigma Phono Cable
Phono kabel 1 meter.

Per ytterligare 0,5 meter: 19 750 kr.
Exquisite Extended Reference 1A Signature
Med externa delningsfilter, Signature teknologi, SDSS fötter, diamant ...
Reference Digital Interconnect
Digitalkabel 1 meter.

Per ytterligare 0,5 meter: 870 kr

John Lennon / Imagine
Mobile Fidelity is back...BIG TIME!

In continuation of the wor...
World Source Platform
"Undeniably the world's best FM Tuner"
The Microgroove
Tom Evans minsta RIAA-steg som ger enormt mycket för pengarna. "Trickl...
Ceramique Reference Monitor 3.2DE
Diamant diskant, SDSS fötter och Enigma intern kablage. För specifikat...