Super ScoutMaster
JMW-9 Sig./ Ring / SDS Motorstyrning
After 27 years in the turntable business and the release of the HR-X we thought we had seen and done everything. Suddenly one day we were listening to the Scoutmaster and the thought hit us "This sounds so good what could we do to make it better" the end result was to cross the Scoutmaster and the HR-X producing the SuperScoutmaster or SSM as we call it.

The SSM uses the most accurate motor drive in the business, the HR-X system. The mass...
Berning ZH 230
Dual 30 watt Audio Amplifier
The ZH230 is a stereo vacuum-tube amplifier that uses the output trans...
Patricia Barber Verse
Pianist/vocalist Patricia Barber is unique in today’s jazz world. Each...
Stillpoints ESS 405
Equipment Suspension Support System
Fem hyllplan.

ESS är sannolikt världens idag ledande vibrations...
Dave Alvin / Blackjack David
Blackjack David
Ultradisc UHR™ SACD Hybrid

The Blasters rocketed out of California during the punk and new wave explosion writing great rockabilly originals and what they called in one of their hits, “American Music”. When both brothers in the band finally released solo albums, it was lead guitarist Dave who was utterly transformed into a country noir chronicler and dust bowl balladeer. Each subsequent album refined his sound and songwriting and reached the highest standards with Blackjack David. It is a record of incredible depth, both sonically and lyrically. The acclaimed 1998 compact is now fully-realized in this SACD by Mobile Fidelity. The album also features new liner notes from Dave Alvin and Americana newspaper columnist and music critic Dave Hoekstra....
Grand Reference Loudspeaker Cable
Högtalarkabel 2 meter.

Per ytterligare 0,5 meter: 10 000 kr
Pris: 45.000,00 kr
Ceramique Sub 1.0
Med SDSS fötter. För specifikation läs med på eller gå ...
JMW-9 Signature
The JMW-9 Signature tonearm builds on all the advantages of standard J...
Power DC X-Terminator
Eliminerar DC från nätet
DC-offset is always present on the mains, although not always to a gre...
Exquisite Extended Reference 1A Signature
Med externa delningsfilter, Signature teknologi, SDSS fötter, diamant ...